Friday, July 28, 2006

Murray Hill, 26th Street Between Third and Lexington Avenues

Mary Sargent © 2006

Help me out here. I'm thinking that one reason I want to put this photo up is I want to show you the street sign that says Broadway Alley. Please pull out your Manhattan street maps and look closely at 26th Street between Third and Lexington Avenues. You will see such a street (!) faithfully noted. Notice that it is far from Broadway. It seems I will not be able to walk this street. However, that's not what I want help with. I want to know if this works on more than a documentary level. Sometimes it helps to hear other more objective opinions.


flyinglady said...

I love the stage-set quality of this photograph. The chockablock windows and fire escapes. The street signs and vehicle jammed together on the right. And yet there's a sense of stillness. Aah! Maybe that's partially why it feels like a stage set, the stillness. Like it was constructed piece by piece in layers. Very nice.

Querilous Qarol said...

And I love the jumble of buildings in the background, and the way the white sidewalk looks like a rug thrown across the picture (here I agree with Flyinglady re stage-set look of the work).

Q: How objective are your viewers, anyway?

Anonymous said...

This photo is in my top 3 for the whole site. I love it. If you cut out the right side, it would be a really interesting shot of a random ally. If you cut out the left side, it would be an interesting shot of a crumbly awning. Together, the shot tells a story of New York that's priceless. It's like looking at the front & back of something at the same time.
Really in love with this one.