Saturday, July 22, 2006

Upper West Side, 102nd Street, West of Broadway

Mary Sargent © 2006

Intermittant swearing today about the friggin rain. I need to shoot, dammit. Couldn’t shoot yesterday, couldn’t shoot today and won’t be able to shoot tomorrow. So, bowing to the inevitable, I discovered that I do have a fair number of shots from the past that I left behind in the thrill of the new. And they’re good! There, I’ve made lemonade.

Meantime, I have two more from last Wednesday. Here’s a candy colored shot, still on 102nd Street, as I make my way to Broadway and the subway home.


Carol Soprano said...

Zero comments (thus far)? Why? I'll be the first: There is something sexual, to me, about the proximity of the vehicles.

flyinglady said...

I'd like to take a ride on that sexy purple motorbike.