Thursday, July 20, 2006

Upper West Side, Riverside Drive at 101

Mary Sargent © 2006

So after the doctor visit yesterday morning, I went back up to West 101st Street where my friend Carolyn lives and we went to lunch at Henry's, a neighborhood favorite of ours, at Broadway and 105th. Henry's is spacious and comfortable with mostly good food and no web site. Afterwards, I walked down 101st Street to Riverside Drive where I took this photo.

I may have crossed the line with this one (what!, why would I want to look at that?) but I can't pass it up. Yes, yes, I know the car in front is out of focus. Feel free to complain.


luka (aka Carolyn) said...

Well, Mary, I sure liked this one, especially since you mentioned me and my block and Henry's. I think you might have thought about adding how much I liked my usual--the corn chowder with bacon and shrimp. But I digress...
Get the feeling we're moving from red to greeen here? I like the cars/street/busy stuff and then behind that, the spread of pure green lush.

sapphire said...

Yep, you went too far with this one. That's (one reason) why the STOP sign is there - telling you not to cross that line.
Another reason it's there is because it's telling the two 'artificial' green rectangles (belonging to the street sign on the left and the temporary construction on the right) to STOP intruding on the lush 'natural' green of the park. To me, the rectangles represent geometry, art, artificial, constructivist elements and the park represents chaos, organic form, nature.
For me, the picture is funny because while in reality it might be nice if Central Park could expand into the the surrounding area, within the photo the green geometric forms play an essential role, activating the picture. But maybe the STOP sign is saying 2 of these geometric forms is enough for this picture.

flyinglady said...

Things are blurry in life sometimes, so why not in a photograph? An excellent metaphor.
I could even say that I'm looking through the blur for some kind of sign to follow--Stop!, Go right!, Watch out for falling debris!--and past all this, over the wall to the force and clarity of nature.
Maybe that's overanalytical.

Carol said...

Will not complain about fuzzy front car (the car looks angry to me, and that look is intriguing).

I realize that I do not really write about your photos (I'm usually in too much of a hurry to really look). I pwomise to consider and reflect the next time I comment.

Later, girl.