Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Inwood, Tenth Avenue at 214th Street

Mary Sargent © 2006

Last weekend I walked around on the Eastern side of my neighborhood, Tenth Avenue and down Sherman to Broadway and back up Broadway. Sherman runs parallel to Broadway, but then ends at Broadway where it curves around. This was Saturday’s walk. Starting at Dyckman (200th Street), the subway runs above ground along Tenth Avenue and then up Broadway where Tenth Avenue joins Broadway around 218th Street. This photograph is taken from under the elevated subway tracks looking West. As you will see in the following photos, this area is very blue.

Apologies for all this map talk. I can’t help myself. Just don’t get me started on the saga of Tenth Avenue.


Carol said...

Superlative photo! I love the play between "real" (three-dim.) and "illusion" (two-dim.). The clarity and the complexity are absorbing to the viewer.

Yes, this is turning out to be a wonderful blog!

Barbara said...

I recognize this spot - but it never quite looked like this. I find the abstract shapes absorbing. That round disk on the metal girder keeps asking to be pushed like a button.