Thursday, August 17, 2006

Upper West Side, Pier 72, 72nd Street at West End Avenue

Mary Sargent © 2006

Neither is this one my usual kind of photograph, it being an interior. Here’s the story. Hunger struck late afternoon, far from the madding crowd on Columbus Avenue. I spotted the Pier 72 at West End Avenue, glanced in through the open windows and saw a few customers. Stepped in. Everyone sprang from their tables ready to assist me, if need be. Ha, ha, I thought, those weren’t customers after all. I stayed anyway. and in fact had quite a tasty egg salad sandwich with fresh lettuce leaf and sour pickle. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back.

However, when I asked about the ladies’ room, the waiter pointed to these stairs leading down to the basement and said Be Careful. Since these are photographed from the bottom, you will know that I made it down. Had to show you.


gritz said...

I really like this photo. It’s so creepy compositionally and just bloodily too. Are you sure you didn’t fiddle with the colors?

flyinglady said...

Yikes, this is terrificly dark and eerie and extreme. The composition is perfect. The colors otherworldly. It really elicits an approach/avoidance response. I don't think I can eat at this restaurant.

Rool said...

One o' my favorites (but, then, I like interiors). And this staircase is very interior--almost biological (see Gritz re bloodily).