Sunday, August 13, 2006

West Village, Jones Street

Mary Sargent © 2006

Time to get more current. Last week on Tuesday, August 8, the day before we left for Maine (my brother and sister-in-law and I), the three of us met our cousins at Pearl Oyster Bar on Cornelia Street. You might wonder why I would go to a 'fantasy of a Maine clam shack’ in New York City when the very next day, I would be in the actual state of Maine. Take yourself to Pearl Oyster Bar and have a lobster roll and wonder no more.

Afterwards, instead of photographing the very photogenic street of Cornelia, full of small good restaurants, I walked one block to Jones, which, like Cornelia, is one short block between Bleecker and West 4th Street. Jones is more austere and has one restaurant only, I think, named Inside. I look forward to eating at Inside and then photographing Cornelia.


Henry Sargemt said...

Lovely light; a nice picture for mid-afternoon.

Carol Nostalgia said...

What a beauty. Right out of the Fifties or Fourties (to me - not that I remember the Fourties). Mysterious and full of movie light (reminds me of some of the restaurant scenes in Godfather 1 and 2, which I am seeing yet again).

luka said...

I think that this one is the 'perfect' photo. It's also a nice companion to the uptown 'many shades of blue'photo with the storefront church and the girl walking by. One is very upper upper uptown and the other is very downtown, but there is something similar in both.

I hate to say this and expose myself, but what I like is a touch of romanticism I feel in both of them.