Friday, November 10, 2006

Hell's Kitchen, 46th Street Between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues

Mary Sargent © 2006 ………………………… click to enlarge

I look up a lot more than I used to. The great thing about doing this is you can do anything you damn please, you can look up, over, stare, gawk, study your map, and it doesn't matter what people think, whether they think you're a tourist or just dimwitted, because you know better, you know you're a Street Photographer. Yeah.

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flyinglady said...

I love this. The geometry, colors, patterns, the periscope, the eyes in the chimney. And it makes me think of all the wonderful roofscapes in cities all over. Yay to looking up.

Tom said...

I hate to say it, but you need to know - this is closer to perfect than the previous one. Actually, I don't hate to say it. Not sure what it is about this one. The geometry is great, but there is something more -- something to do with the sky, but I am not sure what.

Louz said...

Oh I love the photos, a kind a simplicity of color and form. Reminds me of Bob (Barcelona). What you wrote about being a Street Photographer, oh yeah, I enjoyed that a lot. Capital S, capital P.

Rads said...

I agree with Tom: This one is really, really perfect. An absolute beauty. The building reminds me of some ancient cave in a European hillside. I like the way it looms and feels very close to the viewer. A great photo. I once, while riding a bus, gazed at the rooftops as we passed them. Was good.