Friday, November 03, 2006

Murray Hill, 28th Street Between Second and Third Avenues

Mary Sargent © 2006 …………………………….. click to enlarge

I've decided to use more categories (neighborhoods) rather than fewer, so here, making its first appearance, is Murray Hill. Wikipedia says the boundaries are from 42nd to 29th Streets and Fifth to Second Avenues, and The New York Times in 1982 "loosely defined" it as having borders at 42nd and 34th Streets and Madison Avenue and the East River. Combining the two, I'm calling it Murray Hill if it's south of 42nd Street, west of Second Avenue, north of 29th Street and east of Madison Avenue. I'm going to have to change some titles.

So this is Murray Hill last Friday, a cold, bleak day, not as cold as this Friday, but bleaker. I love this building, at least photographically speaking. I can't tell you how much time I spent trying to decide which shot, of the many I took here, to show you. They're all similar, but there's enough difference between them to make me vacillate. I hope this is the right one. Be sure to notice the window coverings.


Anonymous said...

I checked it out large size and the ornamentation, around the door and windows is really nice, rather elegant. And yet the windows have, well newspaper in one to cover it, some kind of striped throw in another. This is a building with interesting stories and history.
Louz, tucsondailyphoto

Carol said...

One of my all-time Sargent favorites. Soothing and evocative and visually beautiful, this one is. The calm(ing) grays and tans and that shadow in the window make this photo especially moving and memorable for me.