Saturday, November 25, 2006

West Village, West 4th Street Between Jones and Barrow Streets

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A week ago last Tuesday night (11/14), I went downtown after work to pick up some chocolates at Varsano's, which has THE best chocolate I've ever had. Dark chocolate almond bark, none better. I had a fright when I got there and the store was gone. Gone! I walked up and down the block in disbelief, wondering if I were on the right street. Finally, I went into a bakery and asked about it and was told it had moved across the street. So relieved. But this is a one man operation and it won't go on forever, so I'd advise you to waste no time getting there.

Note: the store is still listed as being at 179 West 4th, but the new address is 172 West 4th, between Cornelia and Jones.

This shot is not Varsano's, of course, and why do I never have a shot of the destination, I wonder. I think it's because I'm too close to it. I stand there and shoot across the street, in this case, at Mary's Dairy, which I haven't tried. I'll try to be more conscious in the future.

See map.

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Roool said...

Eerie. Love those dramatic alternating bands of lights and darks. And thanks for the tip about Versano's! Getting my well-toned, cellulite-free (not!) little body into the subway and over to eat that chocolate bark!