Thursday, December 07, 2006

Greenwich Village, Third Street Between Sixth Avenue and MacDougal Street

Mary Sargent © 2006 …………………………………….. click to enlarge

Last Saturday I went down to the Clay Festival, a juried pottery show at St. Anthony's Church on Houston Street, where my friend, Myra Nissim had a table loaded with her beautiful bowls and jars. It was about 4:20, twilight, and a good time of day to be shooting. I walked across 3rd to Sullilvan Street and down to Houston. Third Street between Sixth and MacDougal was a bonanza of photos.

I had a hard time deciding whether or not to post this photo. I have a similar one I could have used which is better in one way but not as good in another. The problem with the one above is that it looks like a photograph of a restaurant; the restaurant sign is too prominent. Cropping didn't work. But I love the right side of it and hate to give it up. What I love are the different shades of red, magenta and orange next to the green door and the light in the staircase and the staircase itself. What I should do is go down there and take another photograph moving over to the right. But I don't have time tonight! Then what I should do is just not post it. But. . . What do you think? Should I have put the safer one up instead? Here it is to help you decide.

Mary Sargent © 2006 …………………………………….. click to enlarge

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Robert said...

Definitely the first.

flyinglady said...

Hmm, why wait for something to be perfect? Not every photograph has to be great in every way. There's plenty in this one to appreciate. You can always take another one if you want to, but why deny what's good here?

Along with the beautiful colors there are the wonderful odd angles. And the lit details inside the restaurant. This is another one that reminds me of a stage set.

I love the aura around the round white light.

Barbara said...

The twilight light in both of them is beautiful. And both give me a stage set sense - rich with detail, yet quiet now before the action begins.