Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Nolita, Spring Street Between Lafayette and Mulberry Streets

Mary Sargent © 2006 …………………………………….. click to enlarge

Something new for the blog! You may have noticed that I don't do events; no Halloween or Thanksgiving parade, no Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. If I went to one of those things, I'd photograph it, but I don't usually do things like that. But I did go to an event Sunday and now you're going to see it. I'm fairly excited about this unusual timeliness.

This photograph sets the stage: we're in Nolita. No-lee-ta. Once upon a time in a land called Nolita, there lived a group of people who seemed strangely unaware of Christmas. In fact, although someone had put a little tree in the window of Gatsby's Lounge Bar & Grill, no one seemed to know what it was for and they simply shrugged their shoulders and went on shopping and talking on their cell phones . . .

This is actually true. That little tree is pretty much it for any signs of Christmas on the entire length of Spring Street in Nolita.

But I digress. Tomorrow night I'm jumping ahead to shots of 11 Spring Street, only 3 days after the actual event. Later, I'll come back and show you some photos taken on the way there. I'm a bit breathless at this deviation from routine.

See map.


Tom said...

Ah - some color. After three days of grey, tan, black, brown and white it is great to see some color. Yellow bag, yellow building. Red coat, red building. Are you paying these people to pose?

That's All For Now said...

I do not know which I prefer: your photos or your comments.

This photo also documents the crazily mild weather we have been having.