Saturday, January 13, 2007

Inwood, No. 1 Train Between 215th and Dyckman Streets

Mary Sargent © 2007 …………………………………….. click to enlarge

I HAD to get out today to photograph because I had nothing current to post tonight. This has happened only once before – on New Year's Day when I set it up on purpose. Devoted readers may remember that it rained on New Year's Day, and I stayed home and pulled up a photo from the archives. And so rain was predicted today as well, but it seemed to be an on and off kind of thing and I thought I would make it between raindrops. Wrongly. So I took a subway ride, got a few shots inside and a few outside on the covered elevated platforms.

This first one is looking east out the window of the No 1 train between 215th and Dyckman. I would love to paint from this photograph. Sometimes I really miss painting.


flyinglady said...

Yes, this is so painterly! I really respond to this kind of work. And it feels like a kindred spirit to the Mt. Maya carwash photos.

Why is it blowing up so much that I can't see the whole thing at once?

Mary said...

Why is it blowing up so much, indeed? It didn't use to, and now it does. Obviously, I need to become more informed or pay someone lots of money to fix it or to build me a web site. Why is life so hard and expensive?

I'm glad you liked the photo.

Louz said...

You certainly have a painter's and sensibility in your photos, like this one. One of the reasons they're denser than just simple photos "of" buildings and such. I'm intrigued too by the red door in the post below. Was it locked? Not to mention Mother Cabrini's body in glass. I'd be hieing myself up there to see if she really was there, visible through the glass.

By the way, Blogger just has been nuts this week. I realize they are making changes, etc. but I'm tired of all the hassle. Moving to wordpress as soon as I can get the template set up.