Monday, January 08, 2007

Washington Heights, Fort Washington Avenue between The Cloisters and West 190th Street

Mary Sargent © 2007 ………….. click to enlarge

I had to look this up on the web when I got home: it's the Mother Cabrini High School Chapel which is attached to the Mother Cabrini High School. If you follow the link, you can see the side of the chapel in the ittty bitty photograph of the school. I borrowed some words from the text:

The final resting place of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini is located at 701 Fort Washington Avenue, New York. She is underneath an alter canonized as the First United States citizen Saint. The glass enclosed around her allows us to see her frail body often talked about when describing her.

We can see her actual body? Maybe I'm too easily surprised.

For some information about her, see
here, and then click on History and Background.

See map.


flyinglady said...

This is stunning. More later...

Old Galrool said...

Ditto Flying Lady. Love that light and the tilting angle, and the colors and the lines.

terefe said...

i actually attend this highschool, and well she was buried in our library (very creepy) was taken out and now she is in the chapel, where there is a wax replica of her with her bones inside of it. it is very eerie but none the less cool for visitors to see and be amazed (: