Sunday, March 11, 2007

Midtown, Lexington Avenue between 51st and 52nd Streets

Mary Sargent © 2007 …………………………………….. click to enlarge

I checked out the entry for Midtown on Wikipedia, just wondering if this area is in a subset of it, and discovered that the boundaries have changed since I last consulted it. This author has decided in quite the decider way that all of New York is divided into three parts: Uptown, Midtown and Downtown, and that the boundary between Midtown and Downtown is 14th Street. So Midtown now runs from 14th to 59th Streets, river to river. There is something logical and appealing about that to me because it makes classifying areas much easier; however, it's hard for me to think of midtown being as far south as 14th Street.

What do you think?

For those of you just sick of seeing photographs of cars and trucks, be forewarned: Another one is coming up tomorrow (but it's good!). But then it's clear sailing for about a week.

See map.


luka said...

Midtown does not start at 14th Street. Every New Yorker knows that! Chelsea starts at 14th-ish Street on the West Side, and nobody cares what starts at 14th Street on the East Side, but it's not midtown. Midtown is where Macy's is. Geez!

Barbara said...

Up to 59th yes, but not below 30th.

Now about the photo - what is that on the far right? I guess it's some kind of tree, but it sure looks like a being of some sort. It creates a nice partern with the man and his reflection just before it.

Carolololo said...

Re the Midtown delination - It's like drawing constellations--arbitrary, almost. But of course Midtown doesn't reach as far down as, well, what we call Chelsea (see Luka). Why don't these out-of-towners keep their hands off New York? I'm assuming, of course, that the decider isn't from New York.

Anonymous said...

Never trust wikipedia. That (or any) entry could have been written by your next door neighbor. The site should come up with a pop-up warning every time you visit.