Thursday, March 29, 2007

Washington Heights, Riverside Drive at 181st Street

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That is, I am standing at the western end of 181st Street, looking down at Riverside Drive. It dawns on me why they call this area Washington Heights. After I finish looking down, I look across, and there, by golly, is the George Washington Bridge, reminding me of when I drove my little red Fiat to New York in 1982 and drove across this very bridge right into the Bronx. Luckily, it wasn't Bonfire of the Vanities time and I just turned around and came back, no harm done.

But I digress. Today, I mean last Saturday, I am standing there with my brand new haircut which I got in someone's kitchen in an apartment on this street, planning to descend to Riverside Drive and walk along the Drive, which is only partly sidewalked, and under the elevated highway, which seems to be leading to or from the bridge, until I can return to civilization at 165th Street.

The haircut, by the way, was cut by a professional and is perhaps the most successful one of my life. And I'm not publishing her name because she works out of her home. Email me if you must know.

This kind of walk is a duty walk. Walking along highways is not my favorite kind of walk, but I am looking forward to marking it off my map. And the weather is pleasant, in the 50's and sunny.

See map.

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Barbara said...

And you can see the bike lane - an almost continuous 32-mile pathway all the way around Manhattan!