Thursday, April 26, 2007

Upper West Side, 100th Street at Broadway

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Across the street from Turkuaz is Metro Diner. You're probably not surprised to know that Metro Diner does not have a fancy website like Turkuaz does. In fact it has no website at all. You're probably not surprised. But I did find Plate of the Day food blog with a Metro entry, and I'm bookmarking it.

Every now and then I think about doing a food blog.

See map.

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luka said...

There's history to this spot also. Above the Metro Diner is what's left of one of the oldest private houses in the area (currently a walk-in--actually walk-UP--beauty salon). I knew a Columbia student who was doing a research project on the history of this house. (I am tempted to say his architectural doctorate thesis, but I think that's how urban myths are born). Before the diner was there, a Spanish/Chinese take-out place, Tacita d'Oro was there, and above it, in the old house, was a 'crash pad.' The entire neighborhood waited breathlessly for the Metro Diner to open. It seemed to take an enternity, but it was definitely time for a good diner to come to the neighborhood. We all rushed in on the first day it was opened, and I am probably not the only one to enjoy the Special Meatloaf Entree.

Thanks for this great photo!