Friday, May 18, 2007

Bad DSL Line

This is what's going on, short story version. My DSL line is not working. For it to work again, a technician must come to my apartment to fix it. I will have to be there. They give you a day and say they will be there between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. Some heated words on my part. Nevertheless, as my boss loves to say, it is what it is.

Given these conditions, next THURSday, is when someone is coming. No, they don't work weekends.

My DSL provider: Verizon

I'm posting this from the office, in case you wondered. But can't do photos from here.

Anyway, please don't forget me; check back Thursday night for a new photo.

Maybe this is god's way of giving me time to clean up my apartment.


Spotted-Apt Carol Twee said...

Please tell your boss that I hate "It is what it is." That phrase should be put to rest (and not gently).

Re cleaning - You know the phrase, "She keeps a spotless apartment"? Well, this a.m. when I forced self outta bed to get into show-wa (sorry!) and trudge off to the hated wirk (sorry!), I said to self, "I keep a very spotted apartment" (keep in mind a Dalmatian). I know you'd have gotten this without the explanation, Ms. Sargent, but I am nevertheless forced to explain.

Will log onto blog on Thursday. Pwomise! Sorry!


Hate that Verizon! They don't keep their pay phones in working order, for one thing (not all of us have cellulars). And they didn't take care o' your computer immediately, for another thing.


Religious Almond said...

Uh, shouldn't "god" be "God"?

Chose This Identity said...

Stop me! I can't stop commenting! And no photos to talk about, either! Stop! I can't stop! Give me some wirk to do! Chop off my hands (no! too violent, too final, too nuts).

I'll stop now. Boss behind me.