Tuesday, June 26, 2007

West Harlem, 125th Street looking east

Mary Sargent © 2007 …………………………………….. click to enlarge

Although I had my photograph for the evening last night (see last night's post), it seemed like a good idea to have a few more, so I dragged myself out for a walk after work. I got off the subway at West 125th Street where it's elevated for one stop and walked 125th Street east to St. Nicholas where I took the A train the rest of the way home. It wasn't so hard. The evening was warm, it was still light, there were people on the street, but not crowds like midtown, so I basically went for an evening stroll from one subway stop to another.

This is taken from the elevated platform looking up 125th street to the east. You can see the small old buildings on the north side of the street with businesses on the ground floors and big apartment houses on the south side with landscaping around them. That was pretty much the way it was for the whole walk.

For more views from the platform and stairs, go here.

See map.

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