Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tenth Avenue Between 205th and 204th Streets

Mary Sargent © 2007 …………………………………….. click to enlarge

Hm. Does anyone know if these chickens taste better?

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zerOne said...

Interesting, how your question points eyes and attention directly over to an otherwise easily overlooked piece in the photo. And, in response to that Q.: I have no idea. But this reminds me of a chicken slaughterhouse on Ralph Avenue in Brooklyn in the mid-sixties. I used to pass it going home from school, and I dreaded seeing (and smelling) it. The chickens were in cages sitting outside the schlaghaus ("Schlaghaus Foonphff!"), and besides stinking, the poor birds of course cackled and complained (who wouldn't? Ralph Avenue was and probably still is one of the ugliest streets ever)so there was no way of not seeing (smelling, hearing) them as one passed by. But I succeeded in ever tasting them.

Thanks for this memory, Photo Blogirl.

Not Chicken said...

I wish to respond to Zerone's comment on chickens. First of all, Zerone should proof his/her blogs so as to not make egregious mistakes (I assume that at the end of hus/hur's boring old blog entry h/s/hee meant to say, "But I succeeded in NEVER [not "ever"] tasting them"). That, however, is not my main focus in this response: I really object to her-- let's assume it is a "her"-- apparent callousness and lack of concern for the wellbeing of those many, many other creatures, who share our Mother Earth with us human beings. For Zerone to say that the poor caged beasts were "cackling and complaining" because of the ugliness of the street on which their cages rested, raises my feathers!

So, c'mon, Bloggers, what say? Open your traps and get into this one (or any other, for that matter). And you, Zerone - well, I'm a lady so I won't call you what I'd like to.

Angry Zeroone said...

Uh, what can I say? I COULD say: Are you nuts, Not Chicken? And since you are criticizing my grammer/spelling or whutever: What could you have been thinking by including a comma after "...many other creatures"? You certainly weren't thinking Elements of Style! Or are you just too young to have ever heard of that book?

By the way, I am female; I love most animals (some major insect groups, excepting), and even though I admit that in my hiararchy - to hell with spelling, by the way - chickens are just above insects (most insects), I hardly taste their flesh, and I wish them happy and long lives.

So you can just take a f.f.

Angry All Over said...

What a ridiculous tempest/teapot, in a world where everyone kills everyone, an idiot runs the U.S., blah blah. And where is the photo in all of this? A question was asked, quite innocently, it seems, by the photographer, and now, this eruption of ridiculous ideas. Let's get back to school here, folks.

Miss Fluffy Pinfeather said...

Get me out of here!