Thursday, September 13, 2007

Midtown, Seventh Avenue between 55th and 54th Streets

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Midtown, Seventh Avenue at 55th Street

The famous (or infamous) Carnegie Deli, across the street on Seventh Avenue.

Long ago when I was a vistor here, seeking a job at the College Art Association convention at the Hilton close by, I ate at the Stage Deli just a block down the street here, not knowing it was but a pale imitation of the Carnegie. Now, of course, I know Katz's is the real deal.

And I didn't get a job. That's why I live here and not in South Dakota. It's true! I was a finalist for a teaching job in South Dakota.

See map.


hbs said...

Just think: If you had gotten that job you would have finished photographing the whole state by now.

But I bet you were disappointed when you didn't get it.

Carol Good Lips, Bad Teeth said...

Funny, HBS! We are all extremely happy about the poor judgment of those who interviewed you, Ms. Sargent.