Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Chelsea, 14th Street at Seventh Avenue

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Sunday, two days ago, I realized I was low on Kesso yogurt. I was thrilled when Westside Supermarket reopened and again began carrying it, but they haven't had it now for over a week and I am pessimistic. They keep telling me, maybe tomorrow. So I decided to go down to Whole Foods on 24th Street where I know they have it. Yes, it's that good.

I was going to take the subway to 28th Street, walk to Whole Foods and then continue down Seventh Avenue to 14th Street and come home. Ha ha. The locals were running on the express track, the express was running on the local track and the uptown train was running on the downtown track. I only came by this knowledge the hard way, however, and as a result I went to 14th Street and then back to 14th Street. No 28th Street at all. Maybe on a weekday, I'll give it another try.

But I want to mention the nice MTA lady who explained it all to me at great length, but not in what you would call a coherent or helpful way, but since she was nice I thanked her, and she said, oh, that's okay, that's what I'm here for!

This opening shot is from where I got off the subway at 14th Street. Seventh Avenue is the eastern border of Chelsea according to Wikipedia and that's probably stretching it, and 14th Street the southern. 14th Street is also the southern border of Midtown, which, again seems strange, but of course, that makes it the northern border of Downtown. Damn these borders anyway.

Notice The Donut Pub and try not to think of having donuts with your beer.

Although, now that I do after all think of it, I'm thinking maybe a nice whole wheat donut with a bottle of Guinness could be pretty fine.

See map.

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