Sunday, December 02, 2007

Hudson Heights, Bennett Avenue Between 184th and 186th Streets

Mary Sargent © 2007 …………………………………….. click to enlarge

This building was toward the end of the block, and next to it was a yeshiva, so I assumed it was a synagogue, but there was no sign to name it or confirm it. Manhattan Block by Block gives it a name: Kehal Adath Yeshurun, but does not say what it is. Wikipedia spells it Khal Adath Jeshurun and calls it a congregation, a "full-service community" which includes, among other things, a synagogue. Still don't know for sure if this is the synagogue. If anyone out there knows, please let me know.

See map.


Wears No Hats said...

Like how this building is confronted head-on by the photographer, and how the building seems imposing and even a bit, well, not threatening (not a synagogue, threatening!) but as if it would swallow one alive (my ambivalence about being a Jew fits right in here).

Also ambivalence about doing anything more "productive" other than sitting glued to office computer and typing away instead of getting ass out and about and buying needed things or whatever (making yet another painting, maybe?). I can stop right now, yes I can. And anyway, who says that blogging here is not productive?

flyinglady said...

I'd be really surprised if this wasn't the entrance to the synagogue. See the menorah in the upper left-hand corner? And the ark shape for the Torah above the door? I'm betting it's the synagogue.