Sunday, January 06, 2008

NoHo, Bowery at Bleecker Street

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Okay, I finally broke out. This is not only not Inwood, but it is a whole new neighborhood for this blog. Don't know how long it's been called NoHo, but I found a NY Times reference to it in 1972. This came up on the first page of a search. When I have more time, I'll search exhaustively. You bet.

Anyway, this is where I went today. Amato Opera. It was thrilling! A tiny little opera house (127 seats) with great acoustics that blow(s) you away with these great big voices. Myra and I saw La Boheme which I've also seen at the Met. You know the second scene in the tavern with all the people milling around? You know how it is at the Met on that vast stage and you're looking down at it from the balcony and you see all the people from far away and wonder how much money it cost to stage it and is that why you can't afford to go to the Met anymore and it's sort of ho hum? Well, here you're practically in the middle of it but somehow they choreograph it so it all works out and you just want to break out laughing. I'm a fan. Why did it take me so long to get here? And did I say it was cheap? $35.

You say you know nothing about opera and couldn't care less? Oh.

And anon from last night: thanks, I know what you mean, but sometimes you just got to get out of Inwood.

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