Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chinatown, Elizabeth Street Between Canal and Bayard Streets

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We're standing on Elizabeth Street looking at its beginnings at Bayard Street.

This is after having dim sum at Jing Fong with Michael, Geofrey and Bella. Wow, it was really excellent, the place is huge which makes for a wide variety of dim sum; I had duck blood for the first time in my life and it wasn't bad. Kind of a soft tofu texture with a liver flavor. Bill had chicken feet, which I've found underwhelming in the past. Don't let me alarm you, though, there are many wonderful non-scary dim sum choices available, and those were mostly what we ate.

Michael and Geofrey were also downsized from the company I worked for which made for a cozy group, and Bella, who is Chinese, is Geofrey's girlfriend. She was responsible for the duck blood. Geofrey is also Chinese, but he's from Mississippi and doesn't eat duck blood.

After we all stuffed ourselves silly, we parted, and Bill and I took a teeny photowalk because it was frigid that day. Down Elizabeth to Bayard, Bayard to Mott and Mott back to Canal. A mere blip on the map.

See map.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Sargent;
So early in the morning the idea of duck blood and chicken feet made me dizzy.
Enjoy the coffee!