Monday, February 25, 2008

Midtown, 57th Street Between Sixth and Seventh Avenues

Mary Sargent © 2008 ……… click to enlarge

We're looking across the street at the entrance to Le Parker Meridien (built in 1981), which was our destination last Tuesday morning. To quote the AIA Guide to New York City: "A 2-story vaulted colonnade of Tuscan columns leads to a skylit colonnaded atrium. Does the architect find this serious or a Post Modern jest? The hotel rooms, like the body of a 42nd Street theater, are on 56th Street."

We were there, Bill and I, on a quest to find the best breakfast in New York City. Norma's is touted as just that thing in certain circles. Click on the link for Gael Greene's panegyric. It's a breakfast all day kind of place, but do not think it is a diner. No, no, no. This is probably the Post Modern jest the AIA was referring to. It has a breakfast kind of look to it, but it is subtly luxurious. The table tops refer to formica but are not formica, that sort of thing. They brought us elongated shot glasses of an exotic smoothie as a welcome. The coffee came in a French Press and was good, and when it cooled off, they brought another at no extra charge. I had a Belgian waffle with berries (very large and heaps of very fresh berries) and Bill had an omelet filled with things I don't remember. Both were $20. It was good, luxurious and pleasant and it satisfied my curiousity so I'm glad we did it. Now it's done.

Of course, we all know there's no such thing as the best breakfast in New York City.

See map.


Juana Breakfast said...

Forget the photo, I want that food!

Barbara said...

The picture makes me want to cry - the two flags gallantly hanging reminds me of all the flags around the city after 9/11. The next thought is our broken country 7 years later.

I need a good breakfast.