Friday, February 29, 2008

Midtown, 58th Street Between Seventh Avenue and Broadway

Mary Sargent © 2008 …………. click to enlarge

I wanted to show you this photo last night, along with the other two, but it got so late and I was all snarled up in Photoshop, so I gave it up. Not that I changed it today. I gave that up, too. I just wish sunlight was hitting those towers.

Notice the small building in the middle. That's the one from the first two photos; here it's seen in a larger perspective. I've mentioned before my fondness for these old small buildings left standing alone with their sides exposed. It's not clear to me if this one is due to be demolished or it's just going to have a new neighbor. Anyway, you see it here surrounded by its taller, clunky and undistinguished neighbors. And off in the distance gleaming like the Emerald City of Oz are the ethereal towers of the Time Warner building.

OR, off in the distance, tall and menacing, are the cold, inhuman towers of the TIME WARNER BUILDING.

Read it as you will, but you must admit, it does seems to have many elements of the contemporary New York streets. And I haven't even mentioned the dumpster in the foreground.

See map.

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