Monday, March 17, 2008

Upper West Side, 71st Street Between West End Avenue and Riverside Boulevard

Mary Sargent © 2008 …………….. click to enlarge

I finally escaped the magnetic field of 71st between Broadway and West End and sailed right on through to the end of this street. According to Streetscapes, in October 2004, this street was then a complete dead end, stopping at a steep embankment over the old railyards. And the residents liked it that way. Along came Donald Trump with his apartment buildings and a new street was cut and named Riverside Boulevard, and consequently 71st street was cut through at the end of that year. But, as you see, not for traffic. Only pedestrians. Not beautiful but it does keep the pesky cars out.

And notice: the sun is out now. But don't notice: I've been saying Riverside Drive for the last five nights when it should be West End Avenue. I'm changing it right now. You would think. . .

This little map shows the 3 Trump apartment buildings just south of 71st Street.

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See map.

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