Sunday, June 22, 2008

Inwood, Isham Street between Broadway and Cooper Street

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This is the side of the Church of the Good Shepherd, a Catholic Church. According to the sign on the gate, the Cross we see straight ahead was recovered intact from Ground Zero in lower Manhattan and presented to the Church of the Good Shepherd by the Port Authority Police Department as a memorial to those who had lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

This sign goes on to tell at length what happened to the Cross subsequently: it was transported by XXX, prepared by XXX, blessed by XXX, permanently installed by XXX.

Why don't they tell us where it came from? What building or structure? Were there other intact crosses or was this the only one? If it was the only one, why was it presented to this faraway failing Church in a distant neighborhood?

Something just doesn't seem right.

See map.


Anonymous said...

I don't have all of the information you asked. But I believe there were other crosses, where they wound up I have no idea. This cross was given to Good Shepherd Parish as a memorial to the many people who passed away on 9/11 from Inwood. Most of them also were former Good Shepherd students. In the garden by the Church there are stones with the photo of each person who lost their lives from Inwood.

This may seem like a faraway distant Church to some, but it's history is very long and it's former Parish does come back on occasions.

Mary Sargent said...

Thanks, anonymous, for this information. Are you a member of this church?

Anonymous said...

Technically I would say "yes". I did graduate from Good Shepherd and I still live in the neighborhood. However; I don't actually attend mass these days. Though, I do respect what it has done for the community through the years.


Anonymous said...

You may have already found this out by now, but the cross made from steel girders from the World Trade Center from the 9/11 rubble.

woogiethedogofamillionfurs said...

i live in the area aswell...and always walk by and think oi out of all the possibilities of a cross shape forming out of the thousands of i bet theres like a couple hundred of these things to be honest

woogiethedogofamillionfurs said...
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