Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Upper West Side, Broadway Between 86th and 85th Streets

Mary Sargent © 2008 …………………………………….. click to enlarge

New walk today; this photograph is practically dewy, it's so new. Once AGAIN, I didn't go where I planned because I got a Late Start, 4:44 p.m., to be exact. But it turned out fine. I walked along Riverside from 83rd to 94th Street, this being the right weather for walking Riverside. When it was colder, I kept being turned back by the wind. Today the wind was welcome and was known as "breeze". What a nice breeze!

I was pleased to be able to color this in on my map. I'm trying to outline the Upper West Side.

But first, here is a pre-walk photograph as I walk down Broadway to get to 83rd Street. I've not only photographed this block before, but I've photographed this actual spot. However, I'm sure you'll agree that I couldn't pass this one up. Lady dressed like big gorgeous watermelon strolls in front of watermelon display. I hope she's on her way to meet a man in a white suit at a beautiful outdoor café and they both order watermelon margaritas.

See map.


Waxing (Poetic, not Face, which Needs It) said...

Oh, c'mon, pour your comments in! (Well, pour in you comments!) This one calls out for positive reinforcement. That soft-focus woman in her watermelon clothes - good, ghood, gudd!

A monsterish-cute tiny insect is enjoying her (aren't they all? Well, mostly) new, bright environment of my computer screen as she explores - who knew? - the light field. She settled, for a moment before flitting off, on the roof of the house in the photo below.

Running with Cuteness said...

And I love your comments!