Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Midtown, Seventh Avenue at 32nd Street

Mary Sargent © 2008 ………. click to enlarge

This is fuse – you can see the last two letters of its name up there in the left top corner. I had no idea what it was – for all I knew, it could be a cosmetics store – but the signage sure got my attention.

Came home and found out it's a TV station. There's an exhausting, I mean exhaustive, article about them and their arresting façade on BNET, which uses words like interactive vitality, young, forward thinking, oh here, I'll just give you a quote:

fuse has an incredibly tech-savvy audience, one that is fully-wired and engaged in a two-way dialogue with the network via the Internet, cell phones, pagers and other wireless devices.

There you have it. And don't go telling me everybody already knows about this; this news is two years old. I'm sure at least several people out there were just as clueless as I was.

I left the enlargement oversized, so you can read the sign.

See map.

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