Sunday, July 13, 2008

Midtown, Seventh Avenue between 34th and 33rd Streets

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Okay, the quest. Guys and sensible women may want to skip this part. The rest of us can bond in frustration and despair. See, last summer I saw this lovely skirt of unusual colors; a purplish color and sort of puce and maybe mauve wheatish and ivory- grayish something. A skirt that neither white nor black looked exactly right with. In other words, I was going to have a hellova time finding something that looked good with it. So I bought it. This summer, and I'm still looking. Then one day, at the Gap, I picked up a redish purple tank top on sale even though it was a size too big and discovered it was an exact, I mean exact, match. As if made for. If only it fit.

So the quest was to find the right color in the right size. I went online to Gap store locater. I made a list in descending order matching convenience with photowalk potential. If necessary, I was going to go to every store in the city. The store on 34th street was number one.

And now I must go on my walk. I'll tell you what happened at the end of it.

See map.

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