Sunday, September 14, 2008

West Village, Cornelia Street Between Bleecker Street and Sixth Avenue

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First things first and I mean lunch. I had suggested Po earlier, but Luka hesitated, being on a diet. Now, however, after her hike, she saw things differently. She saw that she deserved to eat at Po. It was the first time either of us had been here, although it's been on my mind since it opened in 1993. Well, it is the perfect Village restaurant, small, charming, nice waitress, open windows, on a short side street. About half full for lunch. If only we had loved our food. I had grilled octopus not to my taste because it was sweet. But the menu made clear it came with balsamic reduction so it was my fault. But why would anyone want to make grilled octopus sweet? That was their fault. Luka didn't love her sausage, but I thought it was delicious. I think it's worth a repeat visit.

Here's a short New York Magazine review.

See map.

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