Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Inwood, 218th Street Between Seaman Avenue and Indian Road

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There across the street is my destination: Indian Road Café. I don't remember how long the sign was up announcing its coming, but it was a long time, and people were getting mighty impatient, then it finally opened in June this year. It's out here on the edge of nowhere but they seem to be doing a good business. I guess there's enough traffic from the park. By the way, it is NOT an Indian restaurant.

Everybody in the world who does not live in Inwood should understand that Inwood is not like the rest of New York. It has parks, not restaurants. So to have a restaurant AND a park is quite a thrill for us.

Anyway this was my Election Day celebration, when I was feeling pretty confident about Obama's chances, only the tinsiest bit nervous, and it seemed right to be here in the café, sitting by the open window, having a glass of wine and some olives and almonds.

By the way, it is claimed that Indian Road is the only road in Manhattan. Or was that New York? Some day I'll check it.

See map.

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possibly manhattan, queens and brooklyn have quite a few roads as do S.I. and Da Bronx