Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hudson Square, King Street Between Varick Street and Sixth Avenue

Mary Sargent © 2008 …………………………………….. click to enlarge

Last Friday, after therapy, I went down to Soho to a new optician recommended by my opthamologist. I knew this guy would be more expensive than Lenscrafters, but I was never happy with my glasses from Lenscrafters and I've suffered with them for years, so I figured it was time to get good glasses. I deserved good glasses, I told myself.

So I took the No. 1 to Houston and walked into that area now being called Hudson Square even by people who live there, not just real estate agents, so I guess I'll have to acquiesce. Before it was called Hudson Square, it wasn't called much of anything, so it did need a name, but Hudson Square just sounds so wrong. So fancy. Not appropriate. I'll try to give up complaining after tonight.

I walked one block of King Street, then crossed Sixth Avenue into Soho.

See map.


sarge said...

Kvetch, kvetch

Barbara said...

Hey that building could be from a Hopper painting. You know "Early Sunday Morning." Later in the day...