Saturday, February 28, 2009

Manhattanville, Broadway Between 131st and 132nd Streets

Mary Sargent © 2009 ... click to enlarge

See the sign on the self-storage building across the street? It says:

pare a columbia
nosotros no seremos
empujado afuera

My guess is it's not a friendly greeting to Columbia (university), but, not liking to make assumptions, I searched for translation on the internet. It took visiting a few translation sites to be completely sure. Here are the first three translations.

stop to Columbia
nonseramos we
outside pushed

seem to columbia we will not be pushed out

it stops to Columbia we will not be pushed outside

I guess we get the idea.

It seems that Columbia has ambitious plans to expand its campus into Manhattanville and has acquired most of the property needed, but Nick Sprayregen, the owner of Tuck-it-Away-Storage (multiple buildings) is resisting. In fact, he has filed suit challenging the use of eminent domain to acquire his property. Read about it in The New York Observer. For an overview of the whole project and its ramifications, go to this New York Times article.

Being split in my sympathies, I refuse to take a stand. I'll just photograph it.

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