Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chelsea, 26th Street Between Sixth and Seventh Avenues

Mary Sargent © 2009 ……..….. click to enlarge

My initial look at 26th Street after I crossed Sixth Avenue led me to conclude that this block was going to be too dull to photograph. Wrong! I can't tell you how often that happens. The first thing I came upon was the Lana Santorelli Gallery. Not only was I surprised to find a gallery on this block, but I was happily surprised to discover that I know someone in the show: Robin Ross. Her work looked great, but it was in the back around the corner and the very nice person, perhaps Lana herself, asked me not to photograph the work, so I can't show it to you. Go to Robin's website, linked above, to see what she does.

This, of course, is a photograph from the outside, which no one can stop me from taking. Unless they ask nicely. Or wag their finger at me. Or look threatening.

Mary Sargent © 2009 …………………………………….. click to enlarge

Here is another man working, just outside the door.

Mary Sargent © 2009 ……. click to enlarge

And here is the gallery from across the street, with another view of men working. Although what they are doing is unclear to me.

See map.

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Bess Sobota said...

Hi Mary-

I came across your article and had I know you were a blogger I would have let sent you a beautiful photo of Robin Ross's work to use for your site. Quite an interesting project you are working on!

Thank you for the the kind mention of the gallery. Come back and visit anytime.

Also, I wanted to let you know- in the photo, as you look in to the gallery, you are looking at the work of two of our artists, Alex Callender (left, four red photographs, "Deer in my Headlights" Series) and Jacob Gossett (right, large oil painting, "I Major").

-Bess Sobota
Manager, Lana Santorelli Gallery