Thursday, February 12, 2009

Midtown South, 26th Street Between Broadway and Sixth Avenue

Well, not long after I passed through that door you saw last night, I was out again; it seems that although I thought I had made an appointment online, I had not. Or it had vanished into the ether. Whatever. My rolfer was more distressed than I was. I wasn't at all distressed. I thought, that’s okay, I'll just take my time on this photowalk and then I'll have a nice lunch which won't cost as much as the rolfing would have.

You may remember rolfing from the 80s. It's a type of DEEP tissue massage done to realign the body and make you perfect. As it was described to me back then by someone who had just finished her realignment, it REALLY hurts and my feet grew a size. That did not appeal to me.

However, recently, my walking guy recommended this to me. This is Jonathan FitzGordon, who is teaching me how to walk. It all started with my sciatica, which diligent readers with good memories will remember struck me about two years ago. I am trying to become perfect in an alignment sort of way so as to avoid back surgery. I can endure pain in an effort to avoid back surgery, just not to grow my feet another size.

BUT, it isn't painful. Well, once in a while it is, but not often. Most of the time it's like a quirky massage and you feel like you're being sculpted. Lovely. I love it. And I am becoming perfect. Yep. Brooklyn Rolfing, it is.

Mary Sargent © 2009 ……… click to enlarge

So now I'm walking across 26th Street. This tree seemed like a harbinger of spring, and it was quite a springlike day on Tuesday.

See map.

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