Sunday, February 08, 2009

Murray Hill, Third Avenue at 28th Street

Mary Sargent © 2009 ……click to enlarge

Ah, the Chrysler Building. One of the reasons to consider living on the East Side.

See map.


Anonymous said...

Mary, could you post here what specifically is on the corner of Third Avenue and East 28th Street? I can't find a place name. And that what would the address be? Not specifically. But would it be in the 200s, 300s or 400s? I have to be vague in the novel I'm writing, so as to not inadvertently give a specific place name.



Anonymous said...

I'll take Manhattan.
The Bronx
And Staten Island, too.
It's lovely going to
the zoo."


Mary Sargent said...


A thousand apologies for the long delay. There's a Quick Stop deli on the southwest corner (see my 11/4/06 post) and a Thai restaurant on the northwest corner called ThaiNY. Its address is 394 3rd Ave. The 28th Street addresses would be in the 100s on that side of 3rd.

Can't help you on the other side. I hope one side will do you.

I hope your writing goes well.