Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Greenwich Village, Broadway at 8th Street

Mary Sargent © 2009 ………… click to enlarge

Finally I managed more than one photo. I actually had a proper walk. It was nice today. Not spring yet, but promising. I went down to Beth Israel at Union Square to pick up some test equipment from my doctor. Since I didn't have an appointment, I couldn't be late, so I rode the subway an extra stop and walked back up Broadway, across Wanamaker, then up Fourth Avenue to Union Square. I've mapped all these blocks before (pre-photography) except for Wanamaker, a very dull one block street.

The spire in the background belongs to Grace Church which faces Broadway. I'll be turning before I get to it, but we'll see some buildings belonging to it on the back side.

Looking at this photograph when I got home, I had trouble figuring out what I was looking at. It's this: the metal structure on the right is the back of a Rifiqi food cart and the cars are parked by the curb behind it.

See map.

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