Monday, April 06, 2009

Upper West Side, 105th Street at Riverside Drive

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This is quite a contrast to the last two shots. Luka had mentioned that part of this block is in an historic district, but I saw no signs of it when I later walked up the block. However, I now have in front of me a copy of a 1973 Riverside-West 105th Street Historic District Designation Report, confirming its existence. What did people do before the internet existed? They remained shrouded in ignorance is what.

So about this building. It was designed "in the Beaux Arts manner by [the architectural firm of] Janes & Leo" and built in 1901-02 as a private residence. "Members of the Davis family, of baking powder fame, bought No. 330 Riverside Drive in 1905 and remained there until the last heir died in the 1950s." For those of you wondering what the heck baking powder is, here's a quick shot of a can of Davis baking powder I just happened to have lying around.

It was thought, so says the report, that part of the reason this district stayed so unchanged was that many families remained in their homes for long periods and so were less likely to make changes.

The report states that the building is now owned by the Brothers of the Christian Schools. That was in 1973. The web tells me it is an:

Opus Dei residence for men near Columbia University. Provides facilities for religious and formational activities such as Holy Mass, days of recollection and retreats by priests of Opus Dei.

See map.

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Missing My Awful Childhood said...

Love that Davis Baking Powder photo! Been away a long time. Back now and ready to go. My mother (odd, how the word "mother" has fallen into disuse, at least on tv, where it is always "mom." Could it be that other, very vulgar connotations are now associted with the word "mother"?) - my mother used Davis Baking Powder and only Davis when she made her pies and cakes, humming as she rolled and crimped and, every so often, popped a piece of raw cookie or cake dough into my open mouth as I played beneath her feet.