Saturday, April 11, 2009

Upper West Side, 105th Street Between Riverside Drive and West End Avenue

Mary Sargent © 2009 click to enlarge

Now I have walked back from 106th Street and I've turned east onto 105th. Here is a closer view of the front of the building we saw last Monday. Can you imagine this being your house? Well, I gotta go home now, you'd say – Mom's calling me to dinner.

Just don't think living here would make you happy. Do you remember the baking powder Davises who once lived here? Theirs was not a happy home if you can believe what you read in the newspapers. I refer you back to this article where it is reported that during a bitter divorce, Mr. Davis accused Mrs. Davis of trying to have him declared insane and of making him a prisoner in his own home.

See map.

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Chris Zitro said...

Im visiting your blog, like i commented before. Its great the job youre doing, keep thats spirit. Your blog is an excellent tourist guide hahaha.

Thanks for the blog and sorry if my english is not good hehehe.