Friday, May 29, 2009

Manhattanville, 126th Street Between Old Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue

Mary Sargent © 2009 …………………………………….. click to enlarge

Back to 126th Street and noticing how different the north and south sides of the street are. Here's the south side of the street. And now the reason for the angle parked cars becomes clear. It seems that the police have to break the law in order to enforce the law. Something like that.

Mary Sargent © 2009 …………………………………….. click to enlarge

And here's the north side. This is The Sheltering Arms Playground, named for the Sheltering Arms asylum for children which was once located here. The Parks Department has a nice article about the playground, the asylum, and Manhattanville.

See map.


Anonymous said...

The police are not BREAKING the law. They are ALLOWED to park like that as a courtesy for their hard work in risking their lives to protect clueless transplanted midwesterners - (most probably) such as yourself. Do you think you would have been able to walk around Harlem with your camera before the Giuliani administration? Go back to where you came from if you don't think the police deserve a convenient parking spot for the thankless work they do ya freakin MoRoN!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how people like you arrived here in recent years and think you don't get bothered because yo'ure so street smart or "Tough" - "Or something like that" No, if you had arrived in 1986, you'd be a statistic, possibly a short 3 sentence write-up in the Daily News. But no more. And you have "M.N. Task Force" and the rest of the NYPD to thank - not criticize. So think about that next time you feel compelled to make falso accusation and attack a victim you know is safe to attack. E.g.- You walked around Harlem and the worst offense you found was the 90 degree parking on 126th St? Coward! I enjoyed your pics until I saw that false accusation. My husband is a police officer and does so much good BESIDES risking his life - good that NOONE ever hears about. It's a shame that the NYPD are so easy to attack. Such easy targets. Not like a drug dealer or other criminal who might do the unthinkable for making an (false on top of it) accusation as you did...

flyinglady said...

I think it's time for some meditation and a cool glass of water.