Saturday, May 09, 2009

Manhattanville, Convent Avenue Between 131st and 133rd Streets

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This is the Church of the Annunciation, a Catholic church. I could find nothing on the web except its name, address, and telephone number. Most mysterious.

See map.


hbs said...

Is there, or was there, a convent associated with it? How did Convent Avenue get its name?

Mary Sargent said...

No, Convent Avenue was named for the Convent of the Sacred Heart which was located between 126th and 136th Streets and Tenth and St. Nicholas Avenues. It burned down in 1888. You can read all about it in a contempory NY Times story.

Which, by the way, is definitely worth reading. They don't write em like that any more.

Casey said...

My Great-great-great grandparents were married at this church in October of 1861 by reverend Breen. They had just emigrated from Ireland. The current structure is obviously not the one that existed at the time, but I am equally curious about its history and what it used to look like.

raul said...

Catholic Irish who established the Church of the Annunciation in 1854

Taken from Manhattanville Colonial period!

thanks for the post
Raul Montas!

I also attended this church as a child circa late 70's! I pretty much know this erea lived on 133rd st on Amsterdam Avenue,