Monday, May 04, 2009

Manhattanville, Morningside Avenue Between 126th and 127th Streets

Mary Sargent © 2009 ……… click to enlarge

I want to know what was here, how long it has been gone, and why it was taken down. I have a Thirst for Knowledge, or, you might say, a craving for useless information.

Morningside Avenue does not end at 125th Street as it should, but pushes on to 127th Street where it then abruptly stops. Convent Avenue takes over from there and we will see it tomorrow.

See map.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mary,
The building that used to stand here looked just like the other structures that now surround the empty lot. I moved to West Harlem (W.128th Street) in 1999. While the original building was still standing, it had obviously been abandoned for many years due to fire. It's windows were boarded up and it had scaffolding lining the front. If I recall it was finally torn down in 2006/7.
Thats all I know, Robert

mary said...

Robert, thanks so much. Not dramatic news, but strangely satisfying.