Friday, July 03, 2009

Meatpacking District, Gansevoort Street Between Washington and West Streets

Mary Sargent © 2009 ……... click to enlarge

Here's the last block of Gansevoort Street with New Jersey in the distance. Awfully close, isn't it? As I walked to the end of the block, I was surprised to find there were some interesting shots to be had. Well, not that surprised.

But for now, I want to announce the Third Anniversary of The Manhattan Street Project. Yayy! Let's all have champagne. Or prosecco. Below are two maps; one is from July 3, 2006 and the second was shot today. I don't even know how to guess how much I've done, but any fool can see there's way more to do. But I'm up for it; it gives me a reason to go on living, after all.

See Google Map.

July 3, 2006.....................July 3, 2009

The reason the first map comes with streets already marked is that I had started the project before I started the blog. However, I've been rewalking those pre-blog streets because, as my obsession grows, I realize that they MUST be photographed.


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luka said...

happy 3rd--on the 4th!
Thank you for contributing these wonderfully objective (yet loving) images of our city,