Thursday, August 27, 2009

Inwood, 218th Street at Broadway

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Oh, thank goodness, a new walk. And look at that sunshine! And the sky is blue!

Bill, my son, was here for a visit, and as devoted readers know, we usually go for a photowalk when he is here. This time, though, it was either raining or too hot to go for a walk until the very last day, when we decided to at least get in a short walk before he left to go home to D.C.

Here's the beginning at 218th Street where the elevated subway joins Broadway. And up ahead is the Broadway bridge. We are going to walk the few short blocks to the end of Manhattan Island and show all you downtowners and out-of-towners what's there. You'll never come and see for yourselves, I know.

Don't you love pink call boxes?  I regret to say I don't know what that odd building is - something to do with Columbia, I assume.  I'll try to check it out later.

See map.

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