Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chinatown, Mulberry Street at Worth Street; Worth Street Between Mulberry and Mott Streets

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Now I've walked back down Mulberry Street and here at the end of the block is the True Light Lutheran Church. Their website is worth a look, as they have a history time line with links to old photographs. They began life in 1935 as True Light Mission with rented space on Canal Street. If you are unclear about what a mission is exactly, this link should clear it up. Basically, it's size. Before you have enough of a congregation to support your own church and pastor, you're a mission. So that's why we think of converting people when we think of missionaries. They're trying to get a church together.

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They must have succeeded because in 1949, they're building the church we see here. The New York Times had notice of this event with a drawing of the proposed church. It's grander than the actual built church and has a pagoda-like topping of the tower. Too bad.  This looks pretty clunky.

There are two services every Sunday, one in English and one in Chinese.

See map.

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