Saturday, October 10, 2009

Civic Center, Foley Square Bounded by Centre, Lafayette and Worth Streets

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My cloudy day Tuesday walk is over; now it is a few days later, Friday, September 25, sunny and beautiful, nothing to do but meet Myra for lunch at Nice Green Bo in Chinatown at 3:00. Geoffrey at work recommended this restaurant and he's Chinese.

It's only a little after 1:00 now and this is my plan. First I want to find Hamill Place. It's on my map (it's an old map), but doesn't seem to exist where it's supposed to be, that is, a little diagonal street that cuts through the corner of Worth and Center by the Courthouse. Then I'm going to walk across Worth to Chinatown, then Mott to Bayard where Nice Green Bo is.

But first, catch this wedding party in front of the Courthouse. I didn't realize that people dressed up like this when they got married at City Hall. But wait! Look at what I found. In January, the new glamorized marriage bureau opened in a new space with actual wedding chapels painted in lovely muted shades. Bathrooms with vanities and full length mirrors for preparation, all kinds of amenities. The mayor wants New York to be the wedding destination of the world. The cost is $25. Go here for photos. The new address is 141 Worth Street which seems to be the same building as 80 Centre Street, which is where I go for Grand Jury duty. I'll have to check that out Tuesday when I go back for my last day. Last day! I'm not ready.

In other news, there's a new photo of me at the top. The old one was from a few years ago, now my hair's different, I have new glasses, I'm older. This one was taken in June this year.

See map.

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