Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chelsea, 14th Street Between Ninth and Eighth Avenues

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We've edged into Chelsea now, since Meatpacking ends at Ninth Avenue, although depending on which neighborhood seems more desirable at the moment, you can bet these businesses will claim it.  This is the north side of 14th Street.  The south side would be part of Greenwich Village.   

First we have Diner. (It claims Meatpacking)  Or Diner Restaurant.  Remember when diners weren't ironic? Or iconic?  Next is a mysterious no-name, must be restaurant with those umbrellas out front.  Then comes Comix, which in my innocence, I thought was a comic book store, but is, in fact, a comedy club.  Lately I've been thinking I should go to a comedy club every now and then, but see, my idea of comedy clubs is that you go and just cringe because it's so embarrassing that the comedians are so pathetically unfunny.  But that can't be true or how could they stay open?

So I googled the address of no-name and found out it's Scarpetta.  Their dubious claim is to be in a Greek revival townhouse.  The chef is Scott Conant, formerly chef at the late L'impero, which has now become the wonderful Convivio.  So I'm just saying, do not be fooled by the modest appearance of this restaurant; come prepared to spend serious money here.  But it should be good.

See map.

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