Saturday, December 05, 2009

Meatpacking District, West Street at Little West 12th Street

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And what is that building so beautifully backed by that dramatic sky?  Why, it's the New York City Sanitation Department building.  Just what you want on prime riverside property.

Google maps had me confused tonight because where this one street is they have three streets parallel to each other:  Tenth Avenue, New York 9A and West Street.  And what about the West Side Highway?  I thought maybe Wikipedia could solve this problem for me and it pretty much did, assuming it's correct.

First, Tenth Avenue begins at 13th Street, just as my home map shows, and my in-person witnessing confirmed.  Google is just wrong.

Second, the two remaining streets are not two separate streets, they are the north and southbound lanes of the Westside Highway, aka NY9A, which runs on West Street at this point.  There are just 3 different names for the same street.  Whew.   

You might want to check out Wikipedia's article; there's a lot of history connected to this street, including that its official name is the Joe DiMaggio Highway.

See map.

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